Holiday favorites: pie, stuffing, and fish?

Everyone knows what holiday is coming up, but do we ever consider what Starmount, as a collective whole, thinks are our favorite foods for Thanksgiving? I know that for me, nothing beats my grandma’s pecan pie or the way that my cousin has to bring a chocolate pound cake every year. (Yes, Jeff, I’m talking about you). Looking into the traditions and favorites of Starmount, I came to some great conclusions.

In a survey, students were asked their entree desire for the holiday: ham, turkey, or even fish? I found that 60% of people prefer Turkey and 28% enjoy ham. 12% percent of students said that they prefer a non-traditional dish. The biggest task of the survey results was figuring out everyone’s favorite sides. The top three side dishes that were preferred were Mac & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, and Yeast Rolls (Go Carbs!). Green beans and creamed corn came in next, so we can establish that we will be enjoying the holiday with these hearty and filling foods.

I had to ask the crucial question, however. Dressing or stuffing? THERE IS A DIFFERENCE. Dressing is more of a cakey-like texture, and you have to cut it to eat it, whereas stuffing is that loose texture of breadcrumbs, possibly cooked in the turkey. 55% said they prefer stuffing, yet only 20% of surveyed students said that they like dressing. 25% said they didn’t even like either one of those options!

My favorite question came last, and that was the dessert portion. The top three pies were Pumpkin, Apple, and Pecan. The other two options were pretty good though since they were Pound Cake/Angel Food Cake and Pumpkin Roll. At least we are keeping some kind of tradition with really good desserts.

Overall, I have determined by the survey that if Starmount had a Thanksgiving, no matter traditional or eccentric, our food preferences would lead to a banquet of food and a thankful time for friendship.

Gracee Shore is a senior member of Starmount’s journalism club.