SHS Prom Fashion: 50th Year Edition

Savannah Putman and Alyssa Hicks look striking in blue.

Over the decades prom fashion has drastically changed. From hoop-skirts, to princess-like dress, to the modern day “two pieces,” the fashion that can be seen at prom is ever-changing.

While getting down on the dance floor, it was very simple to spot the top prom fashion trends of 2017. Top designer dresses by Sherri Hill were sashayed around the venue while many of the guys sported their white, black, and gray tuxedos to match.

One prominent prom dress color for this prom season was blue. Blue ball gowns, two-pieces, and mermaid style dresses dominated the dance floor.

The theme of Starmount’s prom this year was an Enchanted Forest topped by a floral motif, which was certainly brought out by some of the floral dresses that were present at prom.

Hayley Hayes models the floral and blue styles of the prom season.

Prom fashion nowadays is not all about the puffiness and sparkles one has on her dress but the elegance and simplicity of the dress. For example, lace long sleeves with a perfectly paired floral skirt makes for an unforgettable night.

Marlee Pardue smiles at prom date while she displays the long sleeve lace trend of the year.

Senior Christy Rucker discussed her prom dress choice, stating, “As soon as I put it on I knew it was the one because of the smile that it put on my face. I knew that with this dress I would have a memorable prom.” Sometimes the prom dress it is not all about the hottest trend in the fashion market; instead, it is about the feeling that a prom dress gives a girl when she first tries it on.

Simon Owens and Christy Rucker were the prom sweethearts of 2017. | Photos provided by Savannah Putman

Savannah Putman is a senior and student member of the Starmount Journalism Club and YCS Virtual Academy of Journalism.