Students inducted into Beta Club, 2017

Starmount High School had the opportunity to include a select few of their freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors in an honors organization for students across the nation. The ceremony began at 6pm and took place in the gym.

Students rise in honor of Beta pledge, spoken by Secretary of Beta, Dorsey Smith. | Photo by Hannah Kaufman

“The National Beta Club is the largest, independent, non-profit, educational youth organization in America,” it says on the Beta Club website. Members of the club serve in a variety of ways such as working in the Special Olympics or even reading to elementary students. It is an honor for Starmount to be able to have students that uphold moral values such as integrity and a good work ethic to represent the school on a nationwide basis.

Hunter Johnson, senior, is the president of the National Beta Club at Starmount. As president, he describes his job as “a fun experience, but there’s still plenty of responsibility involved.” He also gets to come up with events, organize efforts, and lead projects. As far as speaking in front of others, he thinks that aspect makes him “a little nervous,” but he likes to be challenged. He is excited to see what the future has in store for the Beta Club at Starmount since establishing his legacy as president this year.

Denver Davis, an officer of Beta, presents the keys to success. | Photo by Hannah Kaufman

The new inductees for the ceremony itself were presented with certificates and membership pins in honor of their hard efforts. Dorsey Smith, the secretary of the club, was honored to cite the pledge to these new members at their ceremony while Denver Davis, the treasurer, opened the ceremony welcome as well as served as the presenter of the “keys to success.” These keys represented academic achievement, character, leadership, and community service; these are quality traits for any member of the club.

Starmount hopes to cultivate the minds of students who will use their volunteer experiences in the Beta Club to help improve the world and the community they’re involved in.

JoJo Welborn is a member of the SHS journalism club and a student of the Yadkin Virtual Academy of Journalism.