Spring break anticipation 

As the weather begins to warm, all students can think about is what they are doing after school, and so students begin to lose their focus in the classroom… which is no surprise to their teachers. It’s a reoccurring theme each school year.

Mr. Stephen Brown, a Starmount math teacher, put this type of anticipation into words: “I can feel the excitement in the room.  All you guys can think about is your plans for spring break.  You have to keep your focus.  Teachers are just as excited about spring break as you are, but we have to keep our focus.”

Students are excited to take a break from class work and spend their time enjoying their favorite activities. Starmount students have plans to travel to locations such as the beach, New York, Miami, Chicago, Tennessee, along with various other locations.  For those students who choose to stay in the area, most plan to do anything from sleeping in to mudding in the local terrain. No matter how students plan to spend Spring Break, the majority of students will agree that it will be a much needed rest from school pressures.

Katelyn Saner is a member of the SHS Journalism Club.