SHS installation of butterfly garden

On March 6th, Starmount High’s Beta Club decided to “make their mark” for National Beta Week. As a service project, the club worked together to construct a butterfly garden due to the decline of the monarch butterfly in this region. Starmount’s construction students, lead by Mr. Allen, were kind enough to build the frame of the garden bed in order for Beta students to carry out this service project.

Beta member Lindsey St. John and others marke their mark for Beta Week. | Photo by Alyssa Byrd

Students took turns digging and tilling the ground, pouring soil, and planting the seeds. More than 30 members were involved in the labor of this garden, one of which was Lyndsay Cheek, a sophomore of Beta club.

She said, “The butterfly garden has helped my peers and I see that not only are we making an impact by volunteering at local organizations and throughout the community but by coming together and doing projects to bring joy to the people we attend school with.”

Beta students work hard to till the ground. | Photo by Alyssa Byrd

The butterfly garden is the first of many service projects Starmount’s Beta Club hopes to participate in for the school and the community. They also have in the works a service project  to read to local elementary students, work with the the Yadkin United Fund, and assist with the events of the Special Olympics this year.


*The garden has since been dedicated to Mr. Spillman, a beloved teacher of Starmount High who recently passed this year.

Annette Coe is a member of Starmount High’s Journalism club.