Thanksgiving traditions of Yadkin

It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for families to comes together, eat amazing food, and simply be around family and enjoy their company. This is an amazing time of the year that is dedicated to being with friends and family and giving thanks for what the world has given. With every culture and country, there are different traditions that a holiday of this sort brings. So, how do we celebrate Thanksgiving in North Carolina?

Some people prefer to simply hang out at home and watch television. Others love to eat the amazing food prepared the way only grandparents know how to make! Rebecca Bryant, a Biology teacher at Starmount High, tells us a little about her Thanksgiving traditions, “My husband, daughter, and I go to my Aunt and Uncle’s house where about fifteen to twenty of us feast on the best food ever around noon. We all bring a couple of dishes to share, but it is all traditional Thanksgiving fare!  Weather permitting, we go for a walk on the farm and enjoy catching up and being thankful for our many blessings.  I have never spent Thanksgiving anywhere else in my 51 years…”

Most people have special locations where the family gets together and eats Thanksgiving lunch or dinner. Some eat one large meal; others may eat up to two or three meals on Thanksgiving. It depends on family traditions and how different sections of the families decide to meet up for the reunion. Melissa Adams, a hairstylist in Hamptonville, said that she and her family eat and spend time with family on Thanksgiving: “My family and I always go to Shady Grove Baptist Church to have our traditional Thanksgiving lunch where we meet up with the Vestal side of our family. After that, we eat a meal around six with my husband’s side of the family.” So, the food’s great. What else is important to us?

Family is extremely important to most societies in the world, and North Carolina communities aren’t an exception to the rule. Melissa Joines, an English teacher at Starmount, said, “Spending time with my family is the best part about any holiday. We used to get together at my grandma’s every Sunday afternoon, so we were all very close; but after we grandchildren grew up, our lives took us in different directions. It’s always exciting to spend time with my family.”

People love to get together and share their time as a family. It’s important to have time set aside to meet and socialize with family, and Thanksgiving provide a great opportunity for relatives who live far away to travel so that they can meet up for Christmas, too!

We love to spend the holidays with friends and family, and we love the amazing food that the holidays brings. So, how will you spend the Holidays? We hope there are spent with lots of cheer and laughter. Enjoy the holidays and have a great Thanksgiving!

Gavin Adams is a senior member of SHS Journalism club and a student of the YCS Virtual Academy of Journalism.