Starmount to unveil Hall of Fame

This year, Starmount High School will introduce an honor like none seen before at the high school level.

To celebrate, commemorate, and remember the past 50 years of this high school, the new Hall of Fame will recognize the individuals who have contributed their time, love, and dedication. Individuals selected by the Hall of Fame selection committee include a range of people — from principals and coaches to athletes, even one honoree who reached a milestone for human rights.

Some inductees include Starmount’s first principal, Mr. Reid Lowder, Starmount’s first football coach, Mr. Bob Adams, and even our first basketball coach, Mr. John Mathis.

The list of inductees has many former teachers whose dedication and membership to this school has contributed to and furthered our standard of excellence. Former teachers inducted will include Mr. Bill Parker, the late Mrs. Mary Parker, the late Ms. Marilyn Scales, Mr. Brad Storie, and Mrs. Sylvia Wingler, who in fact taught art for over 40 years.

Along with Mr. B.W. Holt, a former Athletic Director and Head Football Coach, Starmount has many accomplished inductees whose lives stem from athletics which they cultivated while students at this school. We’re proud to include Ms. Heather Macy, who is the Head Women’s Basketball Coach at ECU. Mr. Carlos King played for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1998 season. And as a landmark for human rights, the late Mr. Jackie Brown was the first African-American athlete to play for USC.

Once again, this ceremony is a way to thank these individuals for everything they’ve done for Starmount, and we hope to be able to see more added in the future. By remembering these individuals, it shows that hardwork and dedication can really change anything in this school, state, and even country. As Mr. Hemric always says, “It’s a great day to be a Ram!”

JoJo Welborn is the senior editor of YCS Virtual News.