Gearing for fall weather? Try a blanket scarf.

Boonville — When asking Starmount student, Laura Dimmette, what her favorite accessory was she instantly responded with “definitely my blanket scarf.” Laura explains that “it is a light brown scarf with red, green, and white plaid patterns woven into it.” It’s more than just an accessory. Laura says that she likes to pair her scarf with “a black long sleeve shirt with jeans and grey ankle boots.”

No matter if it’s snowing outside, or if you’re going to a Christmas event, blanket scarfs are so in right now, and they can top off any outfit. The story behind the scarf is funny being that I was the one to purchase it for her. Laura says, “I got the blanket scarf from my BFF for Christmas last year, and I loved it at first sight!” Blanket scarves are the perfect gift for Christmas, your best friends birthday, and can also be great gifts for other occasions.

Even though Laura’s style is “laid back, simple” and “cute,” it doesn’t mean that every fashion sense won’t enjoy the comforts of this amazing accessory!

Savannah Putman is a member of the Starmount High School Journalism Club and a student of the YCS Virtual Academy of Journalism.

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