Chacos versus Birkenstocks

chacos orange
Orange Chacos with chevron design | Photo taken by Autumn Whitaker


Savannah’s answer: Chacos for the win!

Founded in 1989, the Chaco company has been a reliable shoe source as its products are built to last. From their boot collection to their strappy sandals, there is some form of shoe that they carry for every taste. Birkenstocks, however, will not last as long as Chacos, so in return, you’re not getting better quality for your money with a Birkenstock brand. Even though both types of sandals are “in” right now, there is only one option that will leave a customer completely satisfied, Chacos.

Excited Starmount student shows off chacos | Photo taken by Autumn Whitaker
Excited Starmount student, Liz Cartwright, shows off chacos | Photo taken by Autumn Whitaker
  • If you’re in the market for a popular shoe that is water resistant, comfortable, and in style, a pair of Chacos will always be the safest bet.
  • Unlike Birkenstocks, Chacos are made for the adventurous person, the person who needs a sandal that will tightly support their feet whether hiking in the foothills or going for a walk at the local park.
  • I can speak from personal experience, after a long day of walking, Chacos will be the only thing that will keep your feet going.
  • Birkenstocks only offer a few color options in their brand of sandals whereas Chacos mix and match different color options, designs, and even animal prints till personal tastes are satisfied.
  • My personal pair, which I bought four years ago, sport a teal and green palette, and those shoes are my favorite sandal purchase ever made.
  • If you’re worried about matching outfits with the sandals, don’t! I have worn just about every possible outfit with mine.

From jeans to a prom dress, Chacos literally go with anything you own. And they can even be winter friendly; just grab your favorite pair of toe socks to go with them. With all of the many options that you can explore with Chacos, Birkenstocks don’t even come close in comparison.


Christy Rucker’s answer: Birkenstocks, a tried and true classic.

Haley Hayes looks fashionable in classic black Birkenstocks | Photo by Christy Rucker
Look fashionable in classic black Birkenstocks | Photo by Christy Rucker

Girls have been known to try some pretty uncomfortable footwear, all in the name of fashion. Lucky for them, this season’s shoe craze comes with both style and comfort!

This summer, no shoe was more sought after than the legendary brand of Birkenstocks. Coming in many different sizes, colors, and styles, these sandals are guaranteed to meet your every need. Not just the needs of girls, either! These stunning leather shoes have also been known to wrangle in male customers, as well, and the shoe has been a classic as it was originally sold in the US during the 1960s and ’70s.

Unlike the past fad of Chacos, Birkenstocks were designed as comfortable footwear for all occasions, not just for hiking. The soles are perfectly made to mold around the foot, offering support and comfort in a tough and durable way. These shoes won’t fall apart a week into wearing them. They’re meant to last a long time. “I love my Birkenstocks,” McKenzie Moxley gushed. “I’d rather wear them than go barefoot.”

Moxley relaxes in her favorite brand | Photo taken by Christy Rucker
Moxley relaxes in her favorite brand | Photo taken by Christy Rucker

Many wearers, like Moxley, love their sandals, so it is fitting that the price is slightly higher than the average sandal, considered an investment in a lifelong accessory as it provides security like no other shoe. Even so, the average price of $110, the same price as Chacos, can be a turn away for some people…

  • They can be paired with any outfit.
  • Even men wear these shoes: “I have never regretted buying my Birks,” Simon Owens remarked. “After you break them in they’re completely fine. It’s definitely worth a week or two of pain,” Owens assured.
  • They offer lifelong comfort (after the initial “break-in”).
  • There’s nothing more comfortable or trustworthy than a pair of Birkenstocks.

Savannah Putman and Christy Rucker are members of Starmount’s journalism club and students of the Virtual Academy of Journalism.