Dig teal lives on in honor of Meme Brown

Boonville — On October 6th, Starmount High School got the privilege to once again participate in yet another Dig Teal game in honor of Meme Brown who unfortunately passed away due to ovarian cancer four years ago. The loss of Meme has led Starmount to host a volleyball game in memory of her, called “Dig Teal,” a four-year tradition now.

Elizabeth Cartwright, a JV volleyball player, was asked what she thought of Meme and the Dig Teal game. She said, “Dig Teal games for Meme Brown are inspiring. It’s amazing that people can get together to support something that important and realize that there’s some things bigger than us.”

SHS Varsity Volleyball players unite with Elkin players in memory of Meme.
SHS Varsity Volleyball players unite with Elkin players in memory of Meme | Photo taken by Melanie Matthews

Another supporter of Meme was her coach Jon Symons, whose kind words spoke of her character: “As Meme’s former coach, our Dig Teal night has and always will hold significant importance to me. I want the memory of who Meme was to live on as an example of courage, strength, and excellence, not only for those factors but as a reminder to all women about the importance to early screening. Meme will always be in my heart, and it is way to bring back memories of the days when she was on the court.”

Posters were hung around the gym in support of Meme’s fight against ovarian cancer | Photo taken by Melanie Matthews

He said that the Dig Teal games would always hold significant importance, but not to just him, but also to the players, Starmount supporters, and Meme’s closest friends.

Hannah Shell is a member of the Starmount journalism club.