Toto, I’ve a Feeling We’re Not in Yadkinville Anymore

The torrential downpours that have been hitting central North Carolina appeared in Yadkin County last night. The storm consisted of hail, high winds, and severe lightning. As the storm passed over Yadkinville, community members began to seek shelter in fear of the tornado warning.

“It made me a little nervous because WXII was making such a big deal about the storm,” said Emery Wingler, a Forbush High student whose home was hit hard by the severe thunder and lightning storm Thursday afternoon. “I ended up hiding in the basement with my family for about an hour.”

Some Yadkin County folks even reported seeing the formation of funnel clouds and the touchdown of the tornado. Heather Hatcher, also a Forbush High student, saw an actual touchdown of a funnel cloud. “I took [a] picture and headed straight to the basement. The storm did quite a bit of damage to the front yard. It took down a lot of our big tree limbs,” Heather said.

After the storm subsided, broken tree limbs, power outages, and mild car damage from hail was all that was left, a messy situation for some of the community.

“While I was sitting on my bed waiting for the storm to pass, my power went out. Even after the storm left, it took about an hour to regain power,” Jenny Cuentes says. “This morning there were tree branches all over my yard. The storm left a big mess for me to clean up.”

The heart of the storm stomped right through Yadkin County. Although the storm left a large muddle, no reports of massive damage or injury have been reported.

Sarah Hayden is a member of the Journalism Club