SHS artists lend a hand

Starmount High School students Sarah Dowell, Efrain Salazar and Alexis Whitaker are giving back to the community by sharing their love of art. Each of these students painted a slate tile which was donated to a fundraiser.

The fundraiser was for Marshall Baker, a Forbush High School senior who developed Post-Transplant Lymphoma Disorder after he had undergone a kidney transplant. The fundraiser was held on October 2, 2016 at Flint Hill Vineyards. 

Efrain Salazar with his painting
Efrain Salazar with his painting | Photo courtesy of Yadkin Co. Schools

Art teacher, Mrs. Andrea Raines, helped gather the three students to paint the slate tiles. Efrain Salazar said, “ After I heard about this fundraiser, I was totally down with it and decided to create something really beautiful.”

Alexis Whitaker is hoping it will build a bridge across Yadkin County; despite the fact Starmount and Forbush are rivals, it does not mean students cannot lend a hand.

“That is a great thing about being in a small community. We can all come out and support Marshall Baker,” said Sarah Dowell.

Sarah Dowell with her painting
Sarah Dowell with her painting | Photo courtesy of Yadkin Co. Schools

Superintendent Todd Martin was thrilled with Starmount students efforts to help Marshall Baker. “People, this is what we do.  We take care of our kids, every day, without fail.  I believe that’s what each of us was put on this Earth to do.  I am proud to be a part of this school district where we do everything we can every day to take care of our kids,” said Todd Martin.

Annette Coe is a member of the SHS Journalism Club.