Eagle scout’s book drive helps local children

Gavin takes silly photo with book drive participants | Photo courtesy of Boy Scouts

This past summer, I collected and distributed books to the children of the Jonesville and Boonville area. The books were generously given by the community to help with my boy scout project. With a goal of 200 books, I received nearly 500 books.

Christy Pate, a lead librarian at the Jonesville Public Library helped with the project and allowed Gavin to operate in the facility during the summer. Many kids came through each Tuesday and picked up books to keep and read. Having access to free books and having a variety at no cost allowed kids to find something that can catch their attention and peak their interest enough for them to want to take it home. It was important to me that I provide such a wide variety of books that kids won’t only have something they can read for free, but something they want to read, something that interests them and sparks the power of learning in their minds.

Cody Amburn, Chairman of the Friends of the Jonesville Public Library, was very pleased that I helped donate books to the kids present during the reading programs; he also assisted me when he needed help or could not be present. Knowing that everyone in our community can’t afford books to assist kids in their reading skills, many of the parents and children were extremely grateful, and they were excited when told to take as many books as they wanted.

Cody helped sum up the wonderful experience saying, “Gavin’s Eagle Scout project was extraordinary. A lot of the children that come through our library do not always have the funds to books, computers, etc. The library can offer some of these services, free of charge, but due to recent incidents, we are limited on our collection. This project was able to give kids new—or like new—books that they can take home. They all appreciated the generous donation. On behalf of the library, we say thank you to Gavin!”

Gavin Adams is a member of the SHS Journalism Club and a student of YCS Virtual Academy of Journalism.