Starmount rams take the bridge

The Starmount Rams and Buckin’ Elks both went into this game 0-4, so one team was going to get its first win of the season. Both groups came with high expectations for this first game of the conference season. Elkin had high hopes of making a comeback after losing last year’s Battle of the Bridge, 48-7, while Starmount players were looking to hold their title of champions.

At the top of the first quarter, the Rams scored the first touchdown of the game in just under two minutes by Starmount’s player, #15 Brendon Eads. Before the quarter ended,  Beau Burgess, #12, of the Buckin’ Elks, scored the team’s first touchdown and extra point of the game, leaving Elkin with a one-point lead at the end of the first quarter with a score of 7-6.

Elkin’s lead didn’t hold up for too much longer, with #32 of the Rams, Silas Holbrook scoring a touchdown which Starmount ran in for a 2-point conversion. This left the score at 14-7, Rams in the lead again. Not cutting the Buckin’ Elks any slack, Eads ran in another touchdown, and again, the Rams ran the ball in for another two-point conversion, the score still in Starmount’s favor, with 22-7.

Determined to keep their score ahead, Starmount’s Walker Pardue, player #3, picked up a fumble made by Elkin and ran in yet another touchdown. This left the score 28-7 at the end of the first half.

During the start of the second half, Brendon Eads scored Starmount’s fifth touchdown of the night. The Rams missed the two-point conversion, leaving the score at 34-7 at the bottom of the third quarter, the Rams with victory in their sights.

Elkin started to make a comeback during the beginning of the fourth quarter, scoring their second touchdown of the night, got the extra point, and changed the score 34-14. With the spirit of determination, the Buckin’ Elks scored one more touchdown in the game, bringing the score to 34-20. This brought Elkin a little closer to catching up to Starmount, but the Rams just kept pushing. Brendon Eads, who was voted Starmount’s MVP, scored his fourth and the final touchdown of the game, which brought the score to 40-20, which is where it remained the rest of the night.

Starmount won their first game of the season against Elkin during the Battle of the Bridge with a score twice as much as their opponents 40-20. The Rams started out this playing season 0-4 and their conference season 1-0, leaving their record so far 1-4.

Cassidy Walden is a student reporter for Starmount’s Journalism Club.