Starmount chorus gets the opportunity of a lifetime

On September 30, 2016, eight students from the Starmount High show choir will be heading to the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. Mrs. Jester, the choral director, has chosen eight willing participants to practice for the audition. These students will be representing Starmount in the auditions for the North Carolina Honor Choir. If selected, they will be part of the top two-hundred choral students in the entire state!

In short, the NC Honor Choir is a prestigious choir where the best of the best high school choir members in the state with only 200 students in total. In a choir there are two sections and four subsections: the men — Bass and Tenor singers — and the women — the Alto and Soprano singers. Each section of the chorus only has 50 spots available. So being selected means that if a Tenor is chosen he is one of the top 200 choral students in the state; on top of that, he is one of the top 50 tenors in the state.

This year, the Starmount High School show choir will be bringing seven students to the auditions: Gavin Adams, Joe Godfrey, Mallary Rhyne, Mayson Foster, Michelle Sanchez, Ian Tavano, and Sandra Hammesfahr, all very talented singers and students; they will travel to UNCG for the auditions.

This year the required audition piece is called La Luna (Song to the Moon) by Mister Z. Randall Stroope. These seven students have worked hard and practiced every week for almost a month just to learn and sing this song correctly, even making time between their sports practices just to participate in the honor choir! If these students are selected to participate, then they will go to Winston-Salem, NC for two days in November on the fifth and sixth. Of the most exciting things of the event, Mister Stroope, the composer of the audition piece,  will be the clinician, and conductor, for the choir on both days.

Overall, the young men and women accepted into this choir will be no ordinary high school choir members in the state; they will have a great time and get to meet many new people who share their common interest. They get to meet Mister Stroope and work with him in order to receive irreplaceable feedback and knowledge. This gathering is only for the most elite of choral students in the state, and having Starmount students accepted from the auditions means that Starmount is possibly one of the best schools in the state for chorus.


Gavin Adams is a member of the SHS Journalism Club.