FHS has pep for Unifi Bowl

Red…white… BLUE! The Forbush Falcons’ pre UNIFI Bowl ritual was as hype as ever. As word spread through the school of Starmount High School being 0-2, the Falcons confidence began to build. “This year is the year!” and “Ram roast!” were the popular quotes of the day.  The Falcons ended their school day with their usual, one-of-a-kind pep rally.  Here the students spend the last 50 minutes of school preparing their school spirit for later that night.

First thing the Falcons do is introduced all the fall sports into the gym where the team is allowed to perform a chant to represent their sport. Then the games commenced. Forbush divided into grade levels and competed in different games. This year students participated in the frozen shirt competition: a shirt is drenched in water and then folded and placed in a freezer, and the students are given the frozen shirt while timed to see who can get it unfolded and put on the quickest. The other games involved popping a balloon on a best friend or rolling a cookie from your forehead to your mouth.

Students participate in the games. | Photo by Sarah Hayden

 After the excitement of the games, the principal made a speech. This year, this honor was given to Mr. Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy got the crowd riled with his first sentence stating, “As of now, Starmount is 0-2, and a few hours from now… they are going to be 0-3.” Mr. Kennedy’s encouraging words extended into the afternoon in which Forbush did beat Starmount, 27-7.

Sarah Hayden is a senior at FHS and a student of YCS Virtual Academy of Journalism.