A Senior’s View: The Last First Week of School

For many seniors, the last first week of school is the worst time of the year, but for me as a senior, it’s like a second birthday. The beginning of the end is finally near! Senior year is something that I have been counting down the days to since the start of my freshman year. From the annoying classmates, to the not-so-amazing school lunches, it is all finally coming to an end. Going off to college and meeting new people is a very exciting dream that I have, but the only thing in between me and that dream, is my senior year.

The last first week of senior year is the best thing can possibly happen to me, but for other seniors, they do not view it in the same way. Hayley Hayes, a Starmount Senior, shared that she feels “a sense of nostalgia as we enter the last first week of school.” She states “I think about all of the wonderful memories that I have shared with these people over these past four years, and even before then. I have found myself reminiscing and being really sad about all of the last firsts of experiences, but I am definitely excited for the new first beginnings that are coming our way.”

It is safe to say that there are many seniors who wish they could go back to the start of freshman year just to do it all over again and enjoy every moment, but that is not how I view it. In my mind, there are five things that are on my “senior bucket list.”

1. Being able to put on the ram costume.

2. Getting to participate in The Senior Prank whether that be rolling the school or skipping.

3. Being able to bring in Bojangles food to school without being caught.

4. Being able to sit front row of the student section every game and scream “I believe that we will win!”

5. Being able to walk across that stage and receive my diploma.

The last first week of High School is like a rite of passage. Yes, I had many memories like being “bushed” on freshmen Friday and meeting many people along the way, but in a short school year, that will all be over. Growing up, people have always told me, “High school will be the best four years of your life,” but I think that is a mistaken notion from the older generation. Being stuck in the past and wishing I was back in high school is something that I don’t see myself doing. I want to move on with my life and encounter new experiences that I can one day call “the best days of my life.” My time at Starmount High School has taught me many things about growing up, but this last first week has taught me that my life is just now beginning. For all of the Starmount seniors reading this, and despite our desire to move past senior year, don’t forget-even though you have heard it 1000 times-“It’s a great day to be a ram!”

Savannah Putman is a member of the SHS Journalism Club and the YCS Virtual Academy of Journalism.