5 benefits of Dual Enrollment

Why participate in Dual Enrollment?

computer1. Save thousands of dollars. Students who are able to participate in dual enrollment take college classes paid by their high school that will eventually transfer over to the college of their choice. Depending on how many classes you take, you can save up to thousands of dollars on tuition.

2. Variety of classes available. Many local high schools do not offer a wide variety of classes, but taking dual enrollment classes will allow students to experience new classes and take part in classes that are not currently offered at their local high school.

3. Helps you determine your major. Taking college classes during high school will allow you to find classes that interest you and potentially find a major you’re interested in before applying to college.

4. Looks great on a college application. Students who take dual enrollment classes show a strong academic quality and dedication towards colleges. This can have a major effect on acceptances from your preferred college.

5. Prepares students for college. Even though you may still be in highschool, if you are taking dual enrollment classes, many professors may treat you like college students. This will allow you to get used to a college atmosphere and understand how to properly succeed in college instead of spending thousands of dollars at a university and failing multiple classes.

Samuel Delabra is a senior at FHS who writes and photographs for YCS Virtual News.