Band uniform need unites community

BOONVILLE — The Starmount High School Ram Regiment recently finished its second fundraiser for this school year. The band has plans in raising money for next year’s show and even new uniforms.

Some of the fundraisers the band has done in the past include selling gourmet cheese, pizza kits and chocolates. If any of these sound appealing, then go find a band student; they’re sure to be selling something that everyone likes.

Erin Haley, the band director, feels “each student should be able to support the band that they love by raising money.”

There is more to the band than the students who play instruments. Parents, siblings and friends also have dedicated their time to help the students to perform their best at parades, competitions and concerts. What’s better than helping students to do what they love?

But this support doesn’t stop at family. The community can get involved, too. One goal of the band is to unite past band alumni and the community together in order to support the Ram Regiment. With future plans of selling more goodies this year, hopefully the band will be able to meet and exceed its goals for new uniforms and funds soon.

JoJo Welborn is a member of the Starmount High School Journalism Club.