After School app causes problems

BOONVILLE — A new app is increasing in popularity on the app store faster than any app has before. It has come to the forefront of Starmount app use at the beginning of this year. The “After School” app is one which allows students to post, comment, and act anonymously. However, it is only accessible to teenage students who all attend the same high school.

As a student myself, the app was meant as a tool to confess crushes, everyday thoughts, anxieties, and anything that would normally go through a teen’s mind day by day. In many cases, though, there have been posts and chatter that are defined as bullying on said app.

Student Kapua Brown said, “I think it’s stupid that students think it is OK to talk about one another because they are aware that it is anonymous.”

Many of the teachers are aware of the problem, yet they are helpless since there is no way to identify the offenders. One teacher from Starmount said, “Obviously, it can be used in a negative way to be hurtful to other students. Also, it may give out information to other students when they don’t necessarily know the whole situation.”

This has caused conflict both in the student body and when presented to administrators or adults. Since it is all anonymous, there is no real way to make the judgment of whom it came from. The app has had a negative effect overall, showing how devious and mean teenagers can be in the virtual world.

To report bullying, threats, or harassment, call or text the tip line: 336-937-0065 or by email:

Courtney Snow is a member of the Starmount High School Journalism Club.