Beta tutor initiative

BOONVILLE — Starmount has always strived for success and the bettering of students’ futures. The Starmount Beta Club has been lending a helping hand this school year to students that may be struggling in certain academic areas.

The club, directed by Joy Kinley, strives towards academic achievement and leadership skills. Students who are in the Beta Club at Starmount High School can volunteer in a tutoring program for their fellow classmates.

In regards to the program, Skylar Martin, a tutor, said, “I wanted to be able to help someone that was struggling. When I’m struggling, someone usually helps me, so I wanted to give someone that same opportunity.”

Typically, when a teacher is teaching a new topic, there may be a small percentage of students who are not be able to comprehend the new subject matter, but if those students get extra lessons from someone their own age, then the new information might be easier to understand.

Gracee Shore reiterated on this by saying, “My favorite experience was when I felt like I made a difference… this boy told me that I made it easier for him to understand.”

Starmount Beta will continue its volunteer tutoring efforts in order to help others achieve academic success.

Savannah Putman is a member of the Starmount High School Journalism Club.