Arts council grant funds pottery venture

BOONVILLE — In recent events at Starmount High School, the art program has received a grant for clay and glazing materials.

The art teacher, Andrea Raines, explained how she felt about the grant the school received, web1_ram-pottery-1stating she was very happy that the school received the grant and “that there are some very nice people at the arts council.” She also said one of the elementary schools had received a grant for music worth $25,000 and they were probably quite happy they were able to receive these funds, especially since there have been budget cuts.

The pottery and fibers class at Starmount has been working on making several pots with the new clay and glaze materials; Raines has been firing them in the kiln. The class made pinch pots and coil pots. They were able to fire and glaze both of them, so the arts program students are all glad they were able to receive such a generous gift from the Yadkin County Arts Council.

Stephanie Flynt is a member of the Starmount High School Journalism Club.


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