The importance of song

BOONVILLE — The Starmount Show Choir is one of the high-arts classes available at the high school, along with the marching and concert band.

As a band student, I wanted to increase my musical knowledge, so chorus was a good place to start understanding different aspects of music. Since joining, I’ve already become a better musician, which leads me to believe that singing and playing are related.

In my opinion, if someone can play an instrument, then that person can sing and vice versa. Chorus can help musicians gain a new level of understanding in music.
Two chorus students had much to say about the element of music and what it meant to them.

“Music is an escape for me. When everything is going wrong in my life it makes everything better,” said Emma Shore, a senior member of the SHS Show Choir. She also felt that choir is “like a family, we all sing together to make one great sound. If one piece is missing it won’t sound the same.”

Senior Bobbi Southard, on the other hand, has a more spiritual bond to music. “I love to sing. We sing at churches, and I feel as if I’m sharing the gospel and witnessing to those who listen.”

But one thing remains the same for both students: “We are a family in here, and [we] love them all.”

Gavin Adams is a member of the Starmount High School Jourmalism Club.