Martin and his race car

BOONVILLE — Automotive teacher at Starmount High School Sandy Martin holds a passion close that some teachers can’t say they have. Starting at the age of 19, he gained an interest in racing and decided to partake in the sport himself.

Locally, he started small with go-kart racing at dirt tracks and then participated in the SuperStock 4. During this time period, he raced in a 1996 Mustang II, which won him some trophies every so often.


In the summer of 1999, Martin claimed, “The most scariest moment is when I was T-boned on the passenger side of my car during a race.” Yet feeling more determined than ever, he continued his passion with the support of family and friends.

In the fall of 2000, Martin began his teaching career at Starmount High School. He taught what he knew best, automotives and mechanics. He brought his passion into his teachings and inspired students to acquire a passion as great as his. Not too long after, his students helped him build a Foxbody Mustang in the shop at Starmount. In the third race for this car, he won first place, all thanks to his own students who built the model.

“Proud doesn’t even describe the feeling I felt during the race of Halloween Havoc (2011)… most cherished moment would have to be the word,” Martin said. During this race, he won $1,350.

“The adrenaline rush is what drives you to do it again.” Number 23 can be seen at local races every other weekend.

Courtney Snow is a member of the Starmount High School Journalism Club.