Ram Regiment band working hard

BOONVILLE — This year at Starmount High, the Ram Regiment Band has planned an awesome show entitled “Space: Planet Earth, Our Home.”

The band members put a lot of hard work into the show each year, with practices twice a week and other practices Saturday mornings, as well as a competition the same afternoon.

A usual marching band show includes four movements — opener, a fast-paced second movement, ballad (slow-paced), and lastly, a closer. With all four of these movements, every member must memorize and perfect the music while making sure they are hitting their spots and marching in time.pexels-photo-62215

Each band member has a responsibility to uphold each and every day, which includes remembering instruments, remembering drill, having a water bottle, making sure they practice 100 minutes every week — which doesn’t include after school practices, they must be on individual time — and many other responsibilities all while making sure they have everything else like school or other hobbies completed.

These may seem like little things to remember, but these responsibilities play a huge part in performance. But the quality this group and its leader have the most of would be passion.

The director for Starmount’s Ram Regiment, Erin Haley, is new to the position this year. She said, “It is great to be able to do what I love on a daily basis, and I am very happy to do my passion every day.”

The band is finalizing memorization of the fourth movement, or closer, so they can be prepared for their first performance soon at Enca. This year’s show includes the work of Gustav Holst, the composer of a seven-movement orchestral suite written between 1914 and 1916.

Everyone is encouraged to support Starmount’s Ram Regiment because, like any other sport, they work hard to be the best they can be at what they enjoy the most. All the hard practices and early mornings are completely worth it once they get out on the field and give their all.

Stephanie Flynt is a member of the Starmount High School journalism club.