Military backbone at SHS

BOONVILLE — Starmount High School is no stranger to the military. There are frequent visits from recruiters to answer any questions which may arise and to discuss with students military options and opportunities.

Local soldier and Starmount graduate, James Tucker agreed the availability to talk to military personnel helped prepare him for his first tour overseas.

The Army looks for integrity and discipline, qualities he learned from his high school days playing sports for the Rams. The barren desert land of Jordan wasn’t so difficult to conquer with Tucker’s preparation during high school.

While Starmount can help prepare people for the military, the military also can help prepare people for Starmount. Assistant Principal and former Marine Mike McCann agreed the time he spent serving in the corps taught him things he needed to succeed at his job. It gave him honor, courage, discipline and integrity, keys to triumph.

It was part of that order and discipline which drew him to join what many believe is the toughest branch of the military, that and the camaraderie he shared with the men by his side. Along with his high praise of the Marines came the warning that an individual shouldn’t join unless he or she is 100-percent driven in that regard.

Tucker’s advice for joining the Army wasn’t quite so strict. “Even if you aren’t sure, you should try it,” Tucker said, still encouraging the idea of serving America.

Both men agreed it was something they were destined to do, and it was worth all the work and determination. McCann also said that if he could shed a few years, then he would return to serve his country again. As he’s been known to say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Go Rams!”

Christy Rucker is a member of the Starmount High School journalism club.