Bonding through tennis

BOONVILLE — Every team should act like a family, and Starmount High School’s women’s tennis team is no exception to this.

Coach Ryan Norman, who is head of the tennis department, said, “I’m very lucky to have senior leaders.”

Many of the players have had nothing but praise about their coach. “Coach Norman is interactive, very patient, and doesn’t give up on the new players,” said senior Olivia Greene, who also upholds the number two rank on the team.

he Lady Rams strive for nothing more than excellence.

At Starmount High School anyone could make an obvious conclusion it wasn’t just about the game but the bond between each of the players. Starmount High School’s tennis team is setting an astounding example of character for other teams in the Yadkin Valley.

Faith Brewer, who is a junior, said one of her favorite parts about this season was that she “made a lot of new friends.”

Cassandra Hernandez’s favorite part about the sport was “playing doubles because someone’s there to back you up.”

The accountability the Lady Rams have for each other is something everyone should have. At the end of the day when the last point is scored, the balls are put away, and the courts are locked up, the Starmount tennis team will always have a special bond more powerful than any serve, and that bond recently led them to an epic win against an old rival after a five-year losing streak against Wilkes Central.

Savannah Putman is a member of the Starmount High School journalism club.